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About Us

Whitetail Breeding

Whitetail deer have always intrigued me so, in 1994, we decided to apply for a deer facility license to raise deer.  We acquired the license for it, Nature's Best Whitetails, and started out with purchasing a doe and buck fawn. It is history from then on, I was hooked!  This was my passion and new direction!

          Nature's Best Whitetails was one of the first herds to become TB Accredited, which consisted of TB testing our whole herd 3 consecutive years in a row.  In 2002, at the time that Michigan State Dept of Ag started its CWD Program, we voluntarily joined the program and had every head tested at the state lab (from a dead deer 12 months & older) for CWD.  We have continued to participate in these programs and acquired the State of Michigan status of being an "Accredited TB/CWD Herd" (disease free) since 2002. We strive to have very healthy deer. Our schedule is to annually vaccinate each deer and deworm our herd 2-3 times a year.

         We have continually strived to improve our herd genetics and have artificial inseminated our does for the past 16 years.  We are really able to see the great results from doing this. It has enabled Nature's Best Whitetails to have some of the same genetic lines that are highly sought after in the deer industry currently. 


Sheri Witte,

Nature's Best Whitetail's Founder

Breeding Facility: Sparta, MI


Tom Witte,

Nature's Best Whitetail's Scents Manager

Scent Facility: Reed City, MI


We also opened our deer urine business, Nature's Best Deer Scent, 16 years ago and have become the #1 Top Selling scent products in the stores that carry our products.  Our "Collection Process" is what makes our products so outstanding. We do not put deer all together in a strained floor facility and collect urine, but collect it from a single doe or buck directly as they are urinating into a pan.  It is bottled immediately and sold or delivered to stores within 72 hours. This is why our products are sometimes limited. In 2017 my son, Tom, also opened another deer facility, collecting the same way, so we have expanded our participating store areas.

         We continuously strive to offer Superior Genetic deer to others and to provide outstanding personal and professional service to our customers.  We don't just sell customers our deer and leave them stranded. We are there for them any time,  to continue to earn their business and make it a success, and will continue to do this in the future!

Collection Process

Our collection process is unique, and what sets us apart from other scent companies in the industry. Each customer gets urine from one deer, with the date it was collected right on the bottle. Our customers recognize the quality our scents deliver, making Nature's Best Whitetail's Scents the #1 seller in all stores we service. We are excited to deliver that same high quality and unrivaled freshness now to those around the country via our new online scents store!  

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