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It's in Our Genes

20 years of excellence 

Our Lines

Great deer with great genetics, it's just what we do. Whether buck or doe, typical or nontypical, we have honed our genetic lines for over 20 years to get the best genes for starting or growing your deer herd to world-class status, or getting that shooter of a lifetime. See our top breeders and pedigrees below, and inquire about our reasonable pricing to take your herd to the next level. (For sale: open does, bred does, fawns, semen, shooters)

Breeder Bucks

Wide Slide - 271 @ 3 yrs

113 pedigree showcase.png
P 113 pedigree.png
Breeder 94 comp pedigree.png

Exceed - 221 @ 2 yrs

B94 pedigree.png
Breeder 100 cutout collage.png
P 100 pedigree.png

Outburst - 475 @ 3 yrs

Breeder 56 collage.png
W56 pedigree.png

W-56 -  score 267

Doe Lines

Storm Express/King Express

Chief Executive/Mossy Oak/Sophie Daughter

Silverstorm/White 32

SS Express (King Express son)/Chief Executive/Sophie granddaughter

SS Express (King Express son)/Silverstorm

SS Express (King Express son)/Silverking

SS Express (King Express son)/Thunderstorm

SS Express (King Express son)/Grizzly

SS Express (King Express son)/Full House

SS Express (King Express son)/Gone Platinum

Mossy Oak/Sophie Daughter


Urban Legend/Thunderstorm

Wide Slide (Silverking son)/Cashed Out

Wide Slide (Silverking son)/Grizzly

Outburst (Grizzly son & Sophie Granddaughter)/Storm Express/King Express

Outburst (Grizzly son & Sophie Granddaughter)/SS Express

Outburst (Grizzly son & Sophie Granddaughter)/Grizzly

Outburst (Grizzly son & Sophie Granddaughter)

Gone Platinum/Silverking

Gone Platinum/Grizzly

…and more

Other Stock

We have so much awesome genetics, it's hard to showcase it all. Here are some more photos of breeding, and shooting stock that you would have to choose from with Nature's Best Whitetails! 

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