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The Industry's Freshest Scents

one deer, one bottle! 

100% Pure Urine



Premium, pure, and guaranteed fresh, our deer urine scents are simply the best on the market. Unlike other scent manufacturers, there is no herding of deer into pens where urine is collected from the floor along with feces, dirt, and foreign contaminants. Each bottle of Nature's Best Deer Urine is collected by hand, straight from one deer, locking in freshness, and allowing for precise quality control. This means the scents you get are just hours old, giving you unparalleled freshness, and results where you need it most: the field. Get the #1 seller in every store we supply, now delivered right to your doorstep! 

One Deer, One Bottle Guarantee

CWD & TB Free Herd!


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Our Collection Process

How do we ensure the freshest scents in the industry? Simple, we collect by hand, and immediately bottle and ship your scents right to you. We even put the exact date it was collected right on your bottle. No more wondering how old, how pure, and how fresh your scents are. We guarantee our process, oversee each collection, and are confident you will see the difference our scents make. Go into the field with Nature's Best Whitetail Scents, and see the difference!

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